RF195 Cables

RF195-SF-SM-10M - 10M RF195 Low Loss Cable

RF195-SF-SM-10M - 10M RF195 Low Loss Cable

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This cable is a 10M RF195 Low Loss cable with SMA-Female/SMA-Male connectors. It uses European manufactured RF195 low loss cable and the fully assembly with pre-terminated connectors is completed in the UK.
This RF195 low loss cable is ideal for connecting cellular, LTE, 4G antennas to routers, modems and radios where the antenna is terminated in a SMA-Male connector and the radio has SMA-Female connectors. Such as the LMO7270 antenna or the SMP-4G-LTE or SMP-4G MIMO antennas.

For RF195 technical information, please visit the RF195 technical page at EAD.

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