PDQ24518-MI1 - MiMo WiFi Dual Polarised Antenn

PDQ24518-MI1 - MiMo WiFi Dual Polarised Antenn

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The PDQ24518-MI1 MiMo WiFi Dual Polarised Antenna from Laird is designed to work with Mist Systems / Juniper Networks equipment. It is part of Laird’s PDQ range of antennas.

The PDQ-series antennas operate within 2400-2500 / 4900-5950 MHz and are configured as 4-port, dual-band directional panel antennas for use in 802.11n MIMO indoor and outdoor applications. Coverage enhancement/multipath mitigation is offered through a diverse polarization scheme where 2-ports are vertically polarized and the remaining 2-ports horizontally polarized.

The PDQ24518-MI1 MiMo WiFi antenna is an excellent choice for high density WiFi applications where adjacent interference is of concern. Each of the 4 radiators being dual-band implies that a single antenna can be deployed with any MIMO radio in the 2400-2500 MHz and 4900-5950 MHz bands. In addition, the uniform and symmetrical radiation patterns will provide a high-level signal density into engineered coverage areas.

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