MP-2L-SMSM-2K - LTE MIMO Magnetic Puck Antenna

MP-2L-SMSM-2K - LTE MIMO Magnetic Puck Antenna

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The MP-2L is a LTE MIMO Magnetic Puck antenna designed for LTE wireless applications requiring a vehicle roof mounted antenna or a metal surface mount antenna that does not need to permanently mounted. In many applications it is undesirable to drill holes in the roof of vehicle or in metal enclosure or alternatively the antenna may simply need to be moved around. This LTE MIMO magnetic puck antenna addresses this application offering a high pull strength magnetic base under a robust low profile radome.

Two LTE multi-band elements facilitate MIMO functionality and the antenna is fed by cables that exit at the side of the antenna thereby not interfering with the secure mounting of the antenna.

The MP-2L is part of EAD's new MP (magnetic puck) antenna range with a number magnetic mount puck antenna models available.


LTE Element 1
Frequency range 690-800/ 800-960 / 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz
Peak Gain 1 / 2.5 / 3.8 / 5 dBi
VSWR <3.0:1
LTE Element 2
Frequency 690-800/ 800-960 / 1710-2170 / 2500-2700 MHz
Peak Gain 1 / 2.5 / 3.7 / 5 dBi
VSWR <2.5:1

Polarisation Linear
Power rating 10W
Impedance 50 Ohms
Dimensions 102 x 38mm (dxh)
Cable and Connector 2 x 2M RG174 cables SMA-Male connectors

A version of the MP-2L antenna with an integrated active GPS/GLONASS element is also available. This is called the MP-2LG.

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