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LTE-RUGGED-NGP-DM-NF - 4G/Multiband Rugged No Groundplane low profile antenna

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This antenna is based on the rugged 4G/Multiband BMLPVMBLTENGP-VP from PCTEL which is a permanent mount antenna terminated in a N-Female connector

The advantage for this antenna is that it does not required a groundplane (metal surface underneath) and as such can be mounted on non-metal surfaces, enclosures, roofs etc. This makes it ideal for trailers, vans or vehicles with non-metal roofs or for enclosures such as kiosks that are fabricated from non-metal materials. Other applications may include caravans, inland waterways, security boxes and terminals as well as wireless CCTV systems.

Supporting a frequency range from 690-2700 MHz, the LTE-RUGGED-NGP-PERM antenna covers most worldwide LTE, 4G, 3G and GSM bands with a typical gain of 3 dBi.

The dimensions of the antenna is 36.5 x 10.17mm (d x h) and it weighs just 242gr.

A jumper or low loss cable is required to mate to the N-Female connector at the bottome of the antenna.
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