FPTF35313-IPX-12-5 - GSM/3G Captive Mount antenna

FPTF35313-IPX-12-5 - GSM/3G Captive Mount antenna

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The PTF2100 (FPTF35313-IPX-12-5) is a GSM 3G  (pentaband) captive mount terminal antenna designed for fixed and mobile terminals where detaching the antenna is undesirable

The PTF2100 is a pentaband GSM 3G captive mount terminal antenna that has an articulating connector for terminals, routers and devices that are running a radio module with U.FL connectors.

The PTF2100 offers a terminal mount antenna solution without the need to use a bulkhead (or panelmount) SMA connector on the enclosure. It has articulating base that locks in 3 positions, vertical, horizontal and at 45 degrees. The antennas mount by way of a threaded stud and are held in place by a locking nut. Through the middle of the stud a coaxial cable feeds the antennas via an IPEX (U.FL compatible) connector.

The PTF2100 is ideal for and for applications where users should be discouraged from removing the antenna from the terminal or device.

Download the datasheet at the EAD website.