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FMOR35002-UF-10 - Morava 868 MHz PCB antenna

FMOR35002-UF-10 - Morava 868 MHz PCB antenna

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The Morava is a 868 MHz PCB Internal Antenna designed around a 1/2 wave dipole internal antenna design covering the 868 MHz frequency. The Morava can also cover the 900 MHz band for 915 MHz ISM band applications. For larger quantity applications, we can offer a 915 MHz single band internal PCB antenna with 915 MHz centre frequency.

It is a groundplane independent 1/2 wave design suitable for building into either handheld or access point applications. The makes it ideal for gateway, kiosk or monitoring applications using the 868 MHz ISM band frequency.

The Morava 868 MHz internal PCB antenna is available in various cable and connector configurations including popular choices such as U.FL, SMA, RP-SMA and MMCX.

As standard the Morava is supplied with 100mm cable U.FL, but other connectors can be selected via the Product Options tab.


Frequency - 868 MHz
Return Loss - <7.5 dB
Gain - 1 dBi
Impedance - 50 Ohm
Polarisation - Linear
Max Input Power - 1W

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