FG821/18503-FM2SP - 868 4dBi Pole mount Omni

FG821/18503-FM2SP - 868 4dBi Pole mount Omni

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The FG821/18503 is a fibreglass omni with gold anodized sleeve and cap designed for permanent outdoor deployments. Supplied with a FM2-SP pole mount bracket, this antenna offers 4 dBi gain at 868 MHz and supports the 800 and 1800 MHz bands.

Terminated in a N-Female connector, the FG821/18503 is a robust antenna for LoRA and IoT pole mounted solutions.

Frequency Range 821-896MHz, 1850-1990Mhz
Impedance 50 Ohms
Antenna Gain 3-4 dBi
V Beamwidth 110 x 360 degrees
H Beamwidth 60 x 360 degrees
Connector N Female
Size 13.75"H x 1.31"D
Rated Wind Velocity 125MPH

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