ETRAB24003 - Phantom Elite 2.4 GHz Antenna

ETRAB24003 - Phantom Elite 2.4 GHz Antenna

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The Phantom Elite 2.4 GHz is a discrete roof-mount antenna that mates with either permanent or magnetic mount to provide WLAN or Bluetooth capability. The antenna offers 3 dBi gain at 2.4 GHz when mounted onto a groundplane.

This model is black, requires a NMO mount and must be mounted on a groundplane. NMO mounts available are magnetic or permanent mount.

Link to the magnetic NMO mount: http://www.connextech.co.uk/nmo-mini-mag-mount-sma-533-p.asp

Link to the permanent NMO mount: http://www.connextech.co.uk/nmo-permanent-mount-549-p.asp