DCAD-SF-CRC (SMA-Female to CRC9 (Huawei))

DCAD-SF-CRC (SMA-Female to CRC9 (Huawei))

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MC-Card to CRC9 single piece adapter. Turns any antenna termintated in SMA into a CRC9 ready to connect to Huawei devices with a CRC connector.

SMA-Female at one end, CRC9 connector at the other. Connect the SMA-Female to your antenna cable and connect the CRC9 connector to your device.

Will convert any antenna terminated in SMA-Male to CRC9 to allow connection to 3G datacards and 3G USB  donglesa CRC9 receptacle.

Suitable for the following

Suitable for use with the following modems:

Huawei - E1550, E156G, E160, E160E, E160G, E169, E1762, E176G, E1820, E600, E612, E618, E620, E630, E660A

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