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Laird’s range of antennas available via Connex Technologies

Laird‘s wide range of antennas for 5G, 4G, LTE, WiFI and VHF and UHF frequencies is now available from Connex Technologies.

Products such as the LTE Phantom antenna, the TRA6927M3NW-001, a 4 port MIMO directional antenna, the PSQ24495, a multiband, multiport MIMO roof mount antenna, the Gar, are all market-leading, high quality solutions. Some Laird antennas are available to order immediately, some are available on back order.

The Laird range is just part of Connex’s portfolio of products, RF coaxial cables and RF Products from market-leading manufacturers.

Access to LTE and 4G Networks using High Gain Directional Antennas

In areas on the very edge of network coverage, using external outdoor directional antennas to connect to LTE-WiFi routers is sometimes the only solution for higher download speeds. In more challenging cases, the external antennas should offer high gain performance in order to connect to the network effectively.

The external antenna is mounted on a wall or a roof of building either directly or via a pole and is directed towards the mobile operator’s base station. Due to the antenna’s high gain, a strong and stable 4G signal is acquired and fed to the LTE-WiFi router via a low loss coaxial cable.


There are typically two types of external directional antenna that can be deployed in access applications. The first type is a multi-element antenna known as a yagi or log periodic antenna. In simple terms this looks like a regular TV aerial and is quite long in overall length. The second type is what is known as a panel antenna, usually square or rectangular in shape. The panel antenna typically is lower profile or more discreet, but doesn’t offer as much gain as yagi style antenna.

A LTE-WiFi router usually provides two antenna ports for LTE antennas. This enables the router to take advantage of MIMO (multiple in/multiple out) communications which mean two antenna elements are used to increase download speeds. In antenna terms, this means using either two antennas or a MIMO antenna which has two antenna elements that work concurrently. Therefore for access applications, it is advisable to use a MIMO antenna or 2 individual antennas to maximise system performance.

An example of the multi-element directional antenna, is the LTE-MIMO-YAGI. This is based on two separate elements offset from each other by 45 degrees (known as X-polarisation). With a peak gain of in excess of 11 dBi on both elements, this antenna system is fed by two 10M low loss cables and offers best-in-class performance for challenging LTE access sites. An optional J-pole is available if a suitable mounting fixture on the building is not available.

The SMP-4G-MIMO is an example of a discreet directional panel antenna. The effective gain is lower than the LTE-MIMO-YAGI, however the aesthetics of the antenna mean that is preferred in some situations where a large multi-element antenna is undesirable. The SMP-4G-MIMO can be bundled with very low loss cables such as BWL195 or RF400 to customised lengths to offer a solution tailored for the installation.

Connex Technologies Ltd is an online vendor of quality antennas and RF cables and accessories from world class manufacturers such as PCTEL, Laird, Sirio, Smarteq, EAD, Scan and others.

Important notice:
Notwithstanding spurious claims made by some suppliers about antenna gain, typically directional antennas for access or enterprise site applications do not exceed gain figures of about 11 dBi. Some suppliers will claim to have antennas with 35 dBi gain or similar and these suppliers should be discounted immediately as these gain figures are just not true. Connex Technologies Ltd only supplies antennas and RF accessories from best-in-class manufacturers and the specifications stated are a true reflection of antenna performance.

Market leading LTE antennas 7 products to look out for…

In today’s wireless world, you want to make sure you are properly connected when using LTE and 4G networks and this means making sure that the antenna you are using is optimum for your application. Here we will take a short look at 7 of the leading antennas in the field and why they are a cut above the rest.

LTE MIMO Outdoor Omni Antenna – Suitable for pole or wall-mount, this antenna has two dual polarised elements to maximise reception. With best in class gain figures and can be bundled with BWL195 or RF400 cables, the LMO7270 antenna is an excellent solution for fixed and mobile applications.

LTE MIMO YAGI Antenna – This high gain directional antenna is ideal for fringe areas of network coverage. When pointed at the nearest mast it can optimise your reception. Supplied with 10M cables and brackets as standard.

High Gain Low profile magnetic mount antenna – The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is a popular magnetic mount antenna. Also available in black, this antenna offers unparalleled gain in a compact and robust form factor. Ideal for mobile and non-permanent installations.

LTE MIMO directional panel antenna – The SMP-4G-MIMO antenna is a compact MIMO, 2 element, LTE directional antenna offering excellent RF performance. Ideal for wall or pole mounting, this antenna should be pointed towards the local tower and is a great solution when a discreet directional antenna is required.

Waterproof LTE MIMO Blade antenna – This compact waterproof 2 element MIMO blade antenna can be mounted on any non-metal surface inside or outside. Rated to IP67, this antenna is supplied with suction cups for mounting or can be affixed using cable ties, adhesive, tape or velcro.

LTE Flexible PCB Antenna –  The flexible PCB antenna for LTE is call the L-Flex antenna. It is supplied with a sticky pad on the reverse to adhere to the inside of the enclosure. Its flexibility allows it to follow the contours of a curved enclosure.

Low Profile LTE Dome Antenna – The AllDisc from Smarteq is a best-in-class low profile dome antenna for LTE and is permanently mounted via stud underneath. For an antenna surface-mount antenna solution with excellent RF performance, this antenna is unrivalled.

For more antenna solutions, take a look at our sister websites www.ead-ltd.com and www.specialistantennas.co.uk


New 4G MIMO Omni Antenna

The LMO7270 innovative 4G multiband MIMO Omni antenna for enclosure, pole or wall mount from EAD is now shipping.The LMO7270 antenna has been designed for both indoor and outdoor deployments including leisure marine environments to improve reception of 4G (LTE), 3G and GSM signals.

The frequencies supported are 700, 800, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100 and 2600 MHz covering all major 4G, LTE, GSM and 3G frequency bands.

The LMO7270 measures approximately 187mm in height and 106mm at the base. It is available with or without the wall/pole mount bracket and fed by two short pigtail cables, allowing for longer jumper cables to be connected for specific cable runs. The peak gain on each element is as follows:

Antenna Element 1
Frequency     Peak Gain
700-800 MHz     1.4 dBi
800-960 MHz     2.0 dBi
1710-2170 MHz     3.0 dBi
2500-2700 MHz     3.3 dBi

Antenna Element 2
Frequency     Peak Gain
700-800 MHz     2.8 dBi
800-960 MHz     3.0 dBi
1710-2170 MHz     3.9 dBi
2500-2700 MHz     3.9 dBi

You can purchase the LMO7270 antenna here.

Robust Magnetic Mount 4G Antenna

The LTE-HIGAIN magnetic mount 4G antenna is based on the proven 4G/Multiband TRA6927M3NW-001 antenna. It is a robust, high-performance, but discrete antenna combined with a high pull strength magnet and offers a high quality, long lasting solution for 4G/3G Mulitband mobile applications. When mounted on a suitable metal surface (ground-plane) such as a metal roof, the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG antenna connected to your 4G router or dongle can improve signal reception and signal stability. It has been installed in wireless broadband applications involving vans, cars, narrowboats and trailers, but also can be used for machine to machine applications such as CCTV, security and monitoring systems.


There is also a LTE-HIGAIN-PERM permanent mount version using the same 4G antenna, but using a threaded permanent mount instead of a magnetic base.

The LTE-HIGAIN is offered in two radome colours – white or black – and is fully stocked alongside Connex’s comprehensive range of 4G antennas.

4G Antenna checklist for LTE-HIGAIN-MAG antenna:

Full frequency band support (700-2700 MHz)? YES
High antenna efficiency? YES
Quantifiable gain figures? YES
Good VSWR figures? YES
SMA and TS9 Connector Options? YES

In our opinion, the LTE-HIGAIN antenna is one of the most effective 4G magnetic antennas on the market.

New Marine Iridium Deck mount antenna

Connex is pleased to introduce a new Iridium antenna to its online stock. The 65900-Deck is a rugged passive Iridium omni antenna suitable for outdoor and marine applications. This antenna is manufactured by SCAN Antenna in Denmark and it built to last. It is in stock and shipping now. You can find the specifications on the 65900-Deck product page. This new antenna complements the Connex Iridium offering including the PCTEL 9211D and the Maxtena M1621HCT-SMA.

Custom Wireless RF Coax cables – no MOQs.

We have been steadily expanding our range of coaxial RF cables for wireless and M2M applications covering frequencies from 100 MHz to 6 GHz including 4G, 3G, GSM, TETRA, UHF, WiFI and more. Typically, based on RG174, RG316, RG58, BWL195 and BWL400 coaxial cables, we have developed a rapid and effective turnaround for most RF cable requests with the cables assembled to order in-house, usually within 24 hours from receipt of order. The cables usually connect from a router, modem, radio or dongle to an antenna.

For test setups, R&D, prototyping etc, often a large amount of cables are not required and we understand this. We do work with Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs) so we will do our best to assist with your requirements promptly.

For cable assemblies based on RG174 and RG316 cables, the cable length is customisable and at the other end we can offer SMA-Male, SMA, RP-SMA, CRC9, TS9, FME, MMCX, MCX, SMB, TNC, N-Type and FAKRA conenctors amongst others.

For cable assemblies based on RG58 and BWL195 (LMR195 equivalent), once again the cable length is customisable and we can offer SMA, RP-SMA, TNC, BNC, N-Type and FME connectors.

For cable assemblies based on BWL400 (LMR400 equivalent), you can specify the cable length and we can terminate the cables with SMA, RP-SMA, TNC, BNC and N-Type connectors.

Other variants of connectors are available – i.e. right-angle connectors, Bulkhead or panel mount connectors – please drop us an e-mail or give us a call and we’ll try to help.

LP900 low profile antenna – an ideal vending telemetry solution?

The LP900 antenna from Smarteq Antennas is an effective, discrete low profile, 900/1800/2100 MHz (GSM/3G) antenna which lends itself perfectly to vending applications.


Supplied with a 1.5M cable and SMA-Male plug connector as standard, the LP900 offers 2.15 dBi gain in the lower band and up to 3.5 dBi gain in the higher 1800/2100 MHz band in an adhesive mount package whilst being very cost effective. Underneath is an adhesive for tape mounting to the top of the vending machine and the cable is long enough to be run inside to the modem

The LP900 also supports 868 MHz for applications required ISM-band connectivity.

For permanent mount applications, it might be worth considering the SmartDisc as a heavy duty, stud amount antenna for GSM/3G applications.

A much wider range of GSM/3G antennas can be found at Specialist Antennas – www.specialistantennas.co.uk

For more information, please e-mail sales@connextechnologies.co.uk or visit www.connextech.co.uk.

Inbuilding applications covered with 3G/4G MIMO ceiling antenna

Connex is now stocking the CMD69273 2 port MIMO ceiling mount antenna from Laird Technologies. Designed for inbuilding applications requiring 3G and 4G coverage, the CMD69273 is an aesthetically pleasing, discrete ceiling mount antenna designed to be attached to a ceiling grid or ceiling tile. Offering up exceptional peak gain figures for a ceiling mount antenna, this is the solution for DAS (distributed antenna system) providers who need MIMO antennas to address current or future requirements for in-building 4G coverage.



The CMD is stocked now and is terminated with a 30cm cable and N-Female connector.

For more information, please contact us at sales@connextechnologies.co.uk.

3g and 4G on the move… a versatile and robust antenna solution

Many applications now require 3G and 4G communications whilst on the move – sales reps, library vans, service engineers, emergency services, security organisations – the challenge is to decide upon which is the best antenna solution for mobile applications.

If you are planning to mount the antenna on a metal surface such as vehicle roof or metal enclosure, then you can’t go far wrong with the LTE-HIGAIN antennas based on the low profile 3G and 4G multiband Phantom antenna from Laird Technologies.

With magnetic mount and permanent (through-hole) mount options, the LTE-HIGAIN antennas are just 84mm in height so they are very discrete for the performance they offer. They are also very robust and durable, unlike whip antennas that can break and be damaged easily. Antennas with black or white radomes are stocked so you can choose the antenna colour that most suits your application.

When mounted on a good metal surface, the antennas offer 4-5 dBi peak gain across the 3G band and 4G 2700 band (and up to 3.5 dBi gain at 800 and 900 MHz bands). As standard the cable is 12′ (approx. 4M) in length and terminated with a SMA-Male connector – 3G adapter pigtails are availble to convert to CRC9 or TS9 connectors.

For our full range of 3G and 4G multiband antennas please visit www.connextech.co.uk