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Market leading LTE antennas 7 products to look out for…

In today’s wireless world, you want to make sure you are properly connected when using LTE and 4G networks and this means making sure that the antenna you are using is optimum for your application. Here we will take a short look at 7 of the leading antennas in the field and why they are a cut above the rest.

LTE MIMO Outdoor Omni Antenna – Suitable for pole or wall-mount, this antenna has two dual polarised elements to maximise reception. With best in class gain figures and can be bundled with BWL195 or RF400 cables, the LMO7270 antenna is an excellent solution for fixed and mobile applications.

LTE MIMO YAGI Antenna – This high gain directional antenna is ideal for fringe areas of network coverage. When pointed at the nearest mast it can optimise your reception. Supplied with 10M cables and brackets as standard.

High Gain Low profile magnetic mount antenna – The LTE-HIGAIN-MAG is a popular magnetic mount antenna. Also available in black, this antenna offers unparalleled gain in a compact and robust form factor. Ideal for mobile and non-permanent installations.

LTE MIMO directional panel antenna – The SMP-4G-MIMO antenna is a compact MIMO, 2 element, LTE directional antenna offering excellent RF performance. Ideal for wall or pole mounting, this antenna should be pointed towards the local tower and is a great solution when a discreet directional antenna is required.

Waterproof LTE MIMO Blade antenna – This compact waterproof 2 element MIMO blade antenna can be mounted on any non-metal surface inside or outside. Rated to IP67, this antenna is supplied with suction cups for mounting or can be affixed using cable ties, adhesive, tape or velcro.

LTE Flexible PCB Antenna –  The flexible PCB antenna for LTE is call the L-Flex antenna. It is supplied with a sticky pad on the reverse to adhere to the inside of the enclosure. Its flexibility allows it to follow the contours of a curved enclosure.

Low Profile LTE Dome Antenna – The AllDisc from Smarteq is a best-in-class low profile dome antenna for LTE and is permanently mounted via stud underneath. For an antenna surface-mount antenna solution with excellent RF performance, this antenna is unrivalled.

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