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Robust Magnetic Mount 4G Antenna

The LTE-HIGAIN magnetic mount 4G antenna is based on the proven 4G/Multiband TRA6927M3NW-001 antenna. It is a robust, high-performance, but discrete antenna combined with a high pull strength magnet and offers a high quality, long lasting solution for 4G/3G Mulitband mobile applications. When mounted on a suitable metal surface (ground-plane) such as a metal roof, the LTE-HIGAIN-MAG antenna connected to your 4G router or dongle can improve signal reception and signal stability. It has been installed in wireless broadband applications involving vans, cars, narrowboats and trailers, but also can be used for machine to machine applications such as CCTV, security and monitoring systems.


There is also a LTE-HIGAIN-PERM permanent mount version using the same 4G antenna, but using a threaded permanent mount instead of a magnetic base.

The LTE-HIGAIN is offered in two radome colours – white or black – and is fully stocked alongside Connex’s comprehensive range of 4G antennas.

4G Antenna checklist for LTE-HIGAIN-MAG antenna:

Full frequency band support (700-2700 MHz)? YES
High antenna efficiency? YES
Quantifiable gain figures? YES
Good VSWR figures? YES
SMA and TS9 Connector Options? YES

In our opinion, the LTE-HIGAIN antenna is one of the most effective 4G magnetic antennas on the market.