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3g and 4G on the move… a versatile and robust antenna solution

Many applications now require 3G and 4G communications whilst on the move – sales reps, library vans, service engineers, emergency services, security organisations – the challenge is to decide upon which is the best antenna solution for mobile applications.

If you are planning to mount the antenna on a metal surface such as vehicle roof or metal enclosure, then you can’t go far wrong with the LTE-HIGAIN antennas based on the low profile 3G and 4G multiband Phantom antenna from Laird Technologies.

With magnetic mount and permanent (through-hole) mount options, the LTE-HIGAIN antennas are just 84mm in height so they are very discrete for the performance they offer. They are also very robust and durable, unlike whip antennas that can break and be damaged easily. Antennas with black or white radomes are stocked so you can choose the antenna colour that most suits your application.

When mounted on a good metal surface, the antennas offer 4-5 dBi peak gain across the 3G band and 4G 2700 band (and up to 3.5 dBi gain at 800 and 900 MHz bands). As standard the cable is 12′ (approx. 4M) in length and terminated with a SMA-Male connector – 3G adapter pigtails are availble to convert to CRC9 or TS9 connectors.

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