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3g antenna connectors – a quick reference

There are many RF coaxial connectors for wireless applications, but there are only a handful of common antenna connectors for 3G and 4G dongles, modems and routers. We’ll take a look at them here:

SMA-Male Plug

Mating to a SMA-Female connector typically on a 3G router, the standard SMA-Male plug has a hex barrel with a thread on the inside and has a pin in the centre. It looks like this:

 SMA-Male Plug

SMA-Male is quite easy to work with as it can be terminated on cable sizes from Microcoax and RG174 through RG58 and LMR195 to LMR400 (1/2″ thick coax).

SMA-Female connectors can be found on the back of many 3G and 4G routers and is a very common connector to use where the size of the antenna connector is not critical (i.e. where real estate on the device is not at a premium.

The SMA-Male connector is often supplied on jumper cable using BWL195.


CRC9 is a common 3G dongle connector with CRC9 receptacles often found on Huawei dongles (Huawei do not exclusively use CRC9 so please check before committing to CRC9. The CRC9 connector has clearly visible slots in the barrel and pin in the centre. The CRC9 connector looks like this:


The CRC9 connector looks very similar to the TS9 connector and they can be easily confused. A CRC9 to SMA-Female adapter cable is on option to convert a cable terminated in SMA-Male. Alternatively a CRC9 single piece adapter can be used.

The TS9 connector is typically a gold-plated connector very similar to the CRC9. Like the CRC9 it has a pin in the center and a slots in the barrel, but not so deep and visible as the CRC9 connector. The TS9 connector looks like this:


A TS9 to SMA-Female adapter cable can be used to covert a jumper cable from SMA-Male.


Less common than the CRC9 and TS9, but often used on Option products. The MC-Card looks similar to a MCX connector, with a short barrel and a pin the centre. The MC-Card connector looks like this:

MC_Card Web

The MC-Card to SMA-Female adapter cable can be used to convert from SMA-Male to MC-Card.

As to be expected there are other connectors used for 3G wireless applications, MS-147, TNC-Male,, KMS512, but the connectors above are most common. If you do not see the connector your require, please feel free to contact us at sales@connextechnologies.co.uk.