9211D - Iridium® Magnet Mount Passive Antenna

9211D - Iridium® Magnet Mount Passive Antenna

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The 9211D is a high performance passive 1616 to 1626.5 MHz, RHCP antenna, specifically designed to operate with the Iridium® Satellite communication system. It features a precisely tuned custom ceramic patch antenna element and a matching network. The 9211D antenna is enclosed in a rugged, fully weatherproof housing that allows the Iridium Satellite SBD modem to be mounted away from the elements, yet fully meeting Iridium’s radiated power requirements. Its top cover (radome) is composed of high-grade GE plastic and the zinc base is equipped with both screw holes and magnets for ease of installation. The antenna comes standard with 2 meters of high quality Shikoku coaxial cable and an SMA male connector.

The PCTEL specification sheet and product page can be found here.

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