RF400 Cables

15M RF400 Very Low Loss Cable Assembly

15M RF400 Very Low Loss Cable Assembly

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RF400 is a very low loss 50 Ohm RF coaxial cable designed for longer cable runs and is comparable in performance to LMR400.

This cable is a 15M RF400 cable assembly pre-terminated with coaxial connectors.

Please select your connector configuration from the drop down Product Options menu.

The RF400 cables are assembled in the UK to order so please allow 48 hours for dispatch.

Electrical Properties:

Conductor (diameter) Copper Clad Aluminium (2.62mm)
Dielectric (diameter) PEG (7.20mm)
Screen Aluminium + polyester + aluminium tape 100%
Tinned Copper 80%
Sheath (diameter) PVC (10.30mm)
Impedance 50 Ohm
Capacitance 80 pF/m
Velocity Ratio 84%
Screen Efficiency (dB) 100-900 MHz >85